I can’t believe Jesus hatched from an Easter egg 2000 years ago


hate messages are literally the most pathetic thing on earth ›


like if you don’t approve of someone’s personal blog or opinions, fucking block or unfollow them. Messages like the one I received tonight used to make me break down and question myself, but now I honestly just feel sorry for the people behind the keyboards: these sad, angry…

Anonymous asked: Goddd you are such a pretentious cunt sometimes. You reblog yourself, think your novel is gold when it's really just gold-painted bullshit, and think your "unpopular opinions" are off color enough to get you attention. Sometimes you make me a little sick but it's like a bad trainwreck I can't look away



like seriously how pathetic are you that you’re getting your shitty little panties in a knot over the opinion of a teenage girl. I’m going to a fantastic college on a full-ride merit scholarship; I’m exploring Germany this summer and getting to experience all the things I’ve been writing about for five years. I have a pretty amazing life, and as if you think that one stupid little hate message from an insignificant, aggressive, lonely little person like you is gonna bring me down, you’re mistaken. I have wonderful people who support and love my work and I’m going to change the world some day. As if that could be said of someone as hateful and cowardly as you. I hope you learn to be happy someday without trying to shit on other people’s loves and lives.

You go girl



im sorry but i only listen to real music


Only B.C. kids remember this

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Title: when you hold the door for someone and they don't say thank you 153,782 plays

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why is “in cahoots with” not a relationship option on facebook

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Favorite part.

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Little baby succulents & their big brothers and sisters!

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do you ever just

make a friend and think

I am so glad this friend is mine

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science tumblr why the hoobly boobly

tectonic plates

thank You

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